Peters EP2 Videocaptures
V 1.0.2 vom 25.07.97 last Update: 26.07.97

These images are filmed by a Sony Handycam during our apres EP2 Alpes trip. The digitizing is done by the built-in framegrabber of a PowerMacintosh by Peter Young. He shipped the images to me per Email, I sharpend them a little and corrected the color table with Photoshop, and now here are the images for You...

The snow wall at the way to the tibet house
at the top of the Stilvserjoch passroad,
opened some days before.

This a glacier in the Stilfserjoch National Park,
seen from the Gavia passroad, which was closed
at this time (but no hindrance for us).

These driving video was taken
by my sozia while riding down
the foggy Stilfserjoch in appprox. 2700 m hight.

After a good sleep
at the south side of
the famous Stilfserjoch Pass.

Riding down the Mendelpass to Bozen the
Temperature rises high
We had a break in a beautiful Italian cafe.

This Photo is taken from the
top of the Passo Sella, Dolomites.
We had fast changing weather conditons, mostly dry.

On the top of the Passo Giau
in the Dolomites, which is one of my preferred
bike racing roads.

The Edelweisspitze, top of a side road
of the Grossglocknerhochalpenstrasse, which is the
highest passroad in Austria. Peter lost his exhaust here.

Peter called this capture "praising HPN",
but I was only looking
for his cool sounding exhaust system.

At the entry to the
old farm, where the
HPN team has their workshop.

Possi takes a picture of
Fredi Halbfeld and Klaus Pepperl
enjoying their first bikes.

Fredi changes the coils of
the generator of Possis bike. There have been
some small energy problems during the trip.

Have a look to the famous workshop.
Peter was excited to see the first level,
where all the good parts and PD-winnig bikes reside.